Call to Action From Belli Ranch: NRS 78.02788

Hello Everyone – The following is forwarded from a neighbor in Belli Ranch.  -Dee Ann 

“In 2003 the City of Reno usurped all Washoe County unincorporated lands west of Reno to the California line and North to the California State Line when they adopted the NRS section 278.010 to 278.630.  See the attached document that outlines a little bit of what that means.   The City of Reno’s Sphere of Influence that affects our area is called the Truckee Meadows Service Area (TMSA).  The part that is very concerning and I think unconstitutional is the fact that within this TMSA area the City can 1) exert planning and building authority according to the interlocal agreement (City & County) prior to annexation and 2) can annex without property owner consent.

A major concern of residents living in Verdi Township, Mogul, Blue Heron, Belli Ranch, Cold Springs, & Pleasant Valley is that such a move has left all of us county residents with no voice by political representation about the urban sprawl the City of Reno Council is approving in our unique neighborhoods.

The Reno City Councilmen and Mayor are politicians that we are not allowed to vote for, yet they are ruining our neighborhoods by allowing in-town zoning.  Generally 5-6 homes per acre.

This behavior seems to meet the definition of “possibly” legal.  But it is not lawful and unconstitutional to keep those impacted most from being able to vote against City of Reno politicians that are allowing developers to have whatever zoning they want.  It is unconstitutional because it is voter suppression, gerrymandering, and taxation without representation.

Former Reno Mayor, Bob Cashell, promised minimum 1-acre parcels on the land he used to own West and South of I-80 at Boomtown. (Not 5-6 homes / acre).  Proposed mitigation by the developer based on their ignorance of the land they wish to develop will compromise existing individual domestic wells, horribly increase the traffic on and off ramps from I-80, and their solution to water runoff and drainage is to dump into existing ditches which have flooded dramatically the last few years.

I think if we could get as many people as possible to send into the state of Nevada an Election Integrity Violation Report (see attached or file online at**) that we could get a strong message across to the state and the local governments that what they are doing is not okay and through this process get things to stop and change the direction it is heading.  I feel strongly that the type of complaint would be Voter Fraud, based on the voter suppression, gerrymandering, and taxation without representation.  People are welcome to use any of the above thoughts in their violation reports.”

Document: NRS 278 Info

Document: St NV Elect Viol Report 

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Upcoming Meeting: Wednesday, April 11th at 6pm

BIG WEEK! We have the upcoming meeting this Wednesday April 11th at 6:00 pm. Sincere thanks to all the community members that have been working to spread the word! Attendance to this meeting is crucial. Please know we fully understand we are a busy community, so if you’re unable to attend PLEASE consider sending a quick email communicating your position (contact info listed below for your reference).

Some incredibly exciting news is that a Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Emergency Ex-Parte Motion to Shorten Time was filed by The Society for the Preservation of Verdi, Inc. against the City of Reno. A copy of this petition is available in the links below for your reference.

The Society are hopeful that the Judge will grant a requested Temporary Restraining Order. If this TRO is approved the City Council will not be able to vote on the tentative track map on Wednesday, April 11th. However, it is still imperative we are in attendance in case this does NOT happen in time. Additionally, this SHOULD be reported on local news stations this evening, if you’re able to watch (or record) we’d love to hear how it is reported.

We will be coordinating a joint meeting for all Verdi residents (i.e. Blue Heron/Belli Ranch, Verdi Community Council, Society for the Preservation of Verdi) to discuss this and the next steps in further detail.

One more item to share (as to be sure no one is taken by surprise) is that our Council Representative, Neoma Jardon, will not be able to be in attendance Wednesday as her son is scheduled for brain surgery that same day. She did relay that she wouldn’t miss this important meeting if it were not for something so serious.

Lastly, tomorrow is the second Tuesday of the month, meaning the monthly Ward 5 NAB meeting. It appears there is to be a presentation on the West Meadows Estates commercial development, so if you have interest in how that moves forward you are welcome to attend! These meetings are also held at City Hall at 5:30 pm. We will do our best to provide updates on this for those unable to make two meetings in one week.

Once again, and always, Thank You for your continued involvement, interest and support!


Carly Borchard

Verdi Community Council

Download: Petition for Writ of Mandamus-Society for Verdi v. City of Reno

Download: emergency ex parte motion to shorten time

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Tuesday community meeting at Boomtown (6pm in the Truckee room)

Hi there,


Just wanted to send a quick update that we had a solid turnout at the February 28 City Council hearing in regards to Meridian 120 South. We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone that put in effort to attend and/or communicate your concerns with Council. Because of so much involvement, the Developer did request a continuance at the last moment, which was granted by Council. The reason for the request was to engage with the community to discuss this project.


A meeting has been arranged Tuesday March 27th at 6:00 pm and is to be held at Boomtown’s Truckee Room (snacks and beverages will be served).


A mailer is being sent this week in effort to reach those residents not yet on our email list and those without computer access, but we request that you let your fellow neighbors and friends know as well. This is the opportunity the community has been asking for, to discuss issues and ask questions directly with the developer prior to a project being approved.  It is very important that the City Council and developers see that our community is engaged and committed to this process.  Please attend if you’re able!


The Verdi Community Council does plan to summarize an update and status of the project thus far, as well as outline the many concerns shared by our community.  However, this is your opportunity to have your questions answered and to vocalize the concerns that face our community!


Below is a link to the meeting February 28th where a lot of GREAT public comment was heard. Our meeting starts at the 06:00:00 mark, however, there is a quick 10 minute “presentation” and discussion on the Mortensen-Garson plan prior to our item (05:49:00). 


As always, we sincerely appreciate your continued involvement and support. We look forward to seeing you March 27th!


Best Regards,


Verdi Community Council 

Letter from Verdi to Reno City Council Regarding LDC17-00061

The Developer:

Reno Land, Inc.

6001 Talbot Ln.

Reno, NV 89509

(775) 432-7110

Reno City Council:

(775) 334-4636


When contacting Reno about issues affecting Verdi please use

the contact information below. Address the email to the city

clerk, and cc any/all city council members. When

contacting them about this issue, please request in the

opening sentence that “This email be added to the

official record for LDC17-00061”


City Clerk:

Mayor Hillary Schieve:

Council Member David Bobzien:

Council Member Jenny Brekhus:

Council Member Naomi Duerr:

Council Member Oscar Delgado:

Council Member Paul Mckenzie:

Council Member Neoma Jardon:


Dear City Council,


Case: LDC17-00061

Please add this email to the

official record for LDC17-00061

I come before you in opposition to the Meridian 120 South project and to encourage you to deny the appeal and, ultimately, to deny the entire Meridian 120 South development project altogether.   The project represents an exploitative, expansionary development that in conjunction with other large projects in the works threatens the safety, health, education, desires, and character of the Verdi community.

It should be with great pride that we all bear witness to the Verdi community who have come before you to document the potential issues of this project. From water usage, storm drainage, increased traffic, and nonexistent utilities to the lack of fire protection, destruction of wildlife corridors, and population growth, our community of ‘everyday people’ spanning all walks of life have highlighted and characterized legitimate concerns about the Meridian 120 South project.

Our constituents have accumulated a substantial amount of evidence that justifies not making any number of these findings. Ultimately however, it has become apparent to the Verdi community that the way things work in Reno is fundamentally disjointed from the residents of Verdi.

As we move forward in this process, I encourage you with great passion and understanding to realize the intentions that Verdi residents have for their community.  After all, we live here, you don’t!  It is this sort of passion that defines the soul of a city and is something the Council should be investing in 1000%.

Is this passion shared by the Meridian 120 South developer? One developments that was before this council was the West Meadows Estates.  The West Meadow Estates is now moving forward and gouging out a permanent scar across the Verdi landscape. That project was spearheaded by Rob Fitzgerald who upon receiving your approval promptly sold out to the DR Horton corporation, which now hauls off truckloads of Verdi in exchange for shareholder profits.  Is Mr. Fitzgerald part of your vision for our community? I suspect not.

There is more than enough evidence to stop this inadequate proposal in its tracks.  You have allowed two projects to move forward that is enough.  Thank you for your understanding of the community of Verdi.

Meridian 120 SOUTH

We all knew it was coming; here it is.  Meridian 120 South is here to add a little more density to the already overcrowded Meridian 120 North plan.  A whole bunch of 6,000 SF & 9,000 SF lots.

The attached link paints a very pretty picture to potential buyers, as it cites massive growth due to Tesla’s arrival (it doesn’t say anything about the shortfalls in Tesla’s growth estimates).

meridian-120-south (click to open)

Verdi Community Update: July 26, 2016

As we move into the heat of the summer, we hope this newsletter finds you well and safe!

Here are a few updates on issues in Verdi. We assemble these from activities, County and City permit filings and meetings with people hoping to move into our community. If you find an issue the Verdi residents would like to hear about please send them our way.

Our last update invited everyone to a meeting put on by the City of Reno at Boomtown which was held Saturday May 21st. There were over 100 residents in attendance and the City has updated their email database with those present to receive updates. City Staff presented a basic area plan as it currently exists, explained the “sphere of influence” (what it allows and does not allow), and touched briefly on their internal role/process as development projects are presented. They set up “break out” groups for presentations including: Transportation, Public Safety, Water/Sewer and Schools. The forwarded email below is what has been provided as a recap. If you were unable to attend please feel free to email Barbara DiCianno at the email listed below should you like to be included on future City email updates.

Unfortunately the State water engineer did not make the meeting, which was obviously one of the greatest “of interest” items for our residents. Councilmember Jardon requested the State Water Engineer’s Office present information related to Verdi and water allocation. Representatives from the State Water Engineer’s office will make that presentation to City Council at the Wednesday, July 27 City Council meeting. The meeting begins at 10am and the item is J.4 on the agenda, entitled:

“Presentation regarding the allocation of water to various projects and the process the state uses to allocate and monitor water rights and groundwater supplies, including development proposals in the Verdi area”.

While we just received notification of this email Friday we appreciate it is short notice, if your unable to attend you can watch the meeting at your convenience at:

Another take away from this meeting by our County Commissioner Herman was that Verdi needs an active voice. Several requests have been submitted to “reinitiate” our Community Advisory Board (CAB). This item was discussed by the County Commissioners June 28th, where it was suggested to combine the existing West Truckee Meadows CAB with the inactive Verdi CAB… to have one CAB. The board item is to be represented August 9th to the commissioners where they will determine how many positions will be made available (two are being recommended), as well as particulars on procedures moving forward and details on submitting applications. We strongly believe this will assist in keeping Verdi in the loop on upcoming projects/plans in our community and provide a platform to address any concerns or issues that affect our residents. We will be sure to provide updates as this progresses

In speaking with the Developer of West Meadows Estates, it appears they anticipate to start grading by the end of this year, 2016. The water infrastructure extension is tentatively scheduled to begin in approximately two months. So big changes/construction forth coming.

There is a new owner of the Wells Manufacturing warehouses who is also going to be making significant improvements to the property starting in the next six months. He is a native Nevadan who graduated from UNR and resides in the area. The location has been approved through Washoe County to be used as a medical marijuana cultivation and extraction operation. No dispensary operations, retail sales or distribution of any kind will be conducted at the Verdi site. There will be minimal employees, no signage and traffic does not appear to be a concern. The buildings south side (facing the street) will be renovated and all entry locations removed. Product will be moved in unmarked vehicles. No large trucks involved. Unlike previous reports by others concerning a large “ground plume” moving from the building, no evidence of this has been found to date. The property will be thoroughly landscaped and re-shelled. All business will be conducted on the North East side of the property. The owner is extremely proactive and sensitive to our small town feel and seems to simply want to “fit in” to the area. As always, water is the biggest concern. They opted to not hook into TMWA’s water infrastructure and will be installing a large water tank behind the fencing to address State Fire code.

Lastly, Village 6 of Sommerset was presented at the July 11th Neighborhood Advisory Board. It appears this particular “Village” is going to be the most invasive to the Verdi Community as it will build out the back portion of the development( located on the Eastern hill above West Meadows). Access to the presentation documents for this project can be accessed your reference at the link to the calendar page of This item is currently scheduled to be heard by the planning commission August 17th.

As always, should you have any questions, concerns or feedback feel free to contact us. Thank you!

Carly Borchard

Verdi Community Meeting 5.21.16 – Land Use

Verdi Community Meeting 5.21.16 – Schools

Verdi Community Meeting 5.21.16 – Transportation

Verdi Community Meeting 5.21.16 – Waste Water

Verdi Community Meeting Presentation 5-21-16 – Fire

Verdi Community Mtg 5.21.16 – RPD

Verdi Water Facility Plan 10-6-15 map

VerdiDetail3_reduced (1)



Presentations Available from May 21st Meeting With Reno Councilmember Neoma Jardon

For those who weren’t able to make it (or for those who were but enjoyed the presentations enough to look again), the presentations that were provided on May 21st are available below for download.  They are also available on the City of Reno: Ward 5 website.

Crystal Peak Park Cleanup Event June 14

Team and Park Enthusiasts,

It’s time for our second park clean-up at Cabela’s adopted county park and your local gem, Crystal Peak, on Tuesday, June 14 from 9 to 11am. Please park in the lower lot by the river and ponds and we’ll do whatever chores and maintenance the county park ranger has organized for us. If you have an ATV/UTV and want to bring it to help haul debris, that would be great. Just email me by June 12 so I can let the park ranger know a couple days in advance how many of us will be there so he can have enough tools, bags, etc., for us.

For Cabela’s outfitters, you can either sign the sign-up sheet in the break room or just email me. Thanks and see you at our beautiful neighborhood park June 14. Feel free to share this with your neighbors and friends via email or social media.

RSVP to:  james.klund (@) cabelas (dot) com